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New appointments; and a German airfield’s transformation into a solar power plant

18 Jan

Award-winning advertising executive to advise private advisory and merchant bank OmniView

OmniView Capital Advisers (OCVA), a privately held investment advisory and merchant bank which has overseen over $1bn in debt and equity transactions, has appointed Jeffrey Devlin, an advertising and entertainment veteran, to its Board of Directors.

He is being promoted from his current position as OCVA’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Devlin has worked as Senior Vice President at Lintas Worldwide Advertising. He won over $70 million in accounts  at Doner Advertising where he served as Senior Vice President of New Business Development. His clients included major companies and organizations including the National Football League (NFL), Atari, The Coca-Cola Company, Intel, and Sirius XM Satellite Radio, of which he is a senior adviser.

Over his time working in the advertising industry, Devlin was heaped with plaudits and awards. The list includes 17 CLIO Awards; 16 Andy Awards for advertising excellence; 21 Telly Awards for outstanding commercials; four Effie Media Awards; and a shiny Gold Camera from the U.S. International Film Festival. His award-winning piece for Visa, Olympics, has a permanent place at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York.

Jeffrey Devlin said, “I look forward to bringing an advertising and marketing perspective to the Board to help leverage the company’s innovative philosophy and maximize business development opportunities.”

Green Tower Project In Brandenburg finished before deadline, thanks to Trina Solar

Smart energy company Trina Solar supplied 61MW of Solar PV Modules for an energy generating scheme in the German federal state of Brandenburg. The rows of modules now extend for more than a kilometre along the converted Preschen airfield in Jocksdorf, Brandenburg.

“Selecting Trina Solar as our main module provider was a very good choice,” said Alfred Behrens, CEO at AB Unternehmensberatung & Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, who initiated the project. “Because construction advanced well ahead of schedule, we ordered an additional 5.5MW of modules, which Trina Solar was able to provide and deliver to the site in just three days. Delivery capacity like that is hard to beat. And in terms of product quality, Trina Solar is top-class.”

More than 252,000 multi-crystalline Trina Solar modules, each with an average output of more than 240Wp, have been installed on the former airfield in Jocksdorf. The PV park that now covers the former military field has been fully commissioned and is considered to be among the most efficient plants in the world. It provides clean solar power covering the annual energy needs of around 17,000 households.


Inflation hedging – bootleggers riding on a wave of consumer spending

9 Oct

In wake of the news that consumer spending grew three percent in September, the fastest rate since May 2009, those who dabbled in inflation hedging this last quarter could have reached the crest of the wave in profits.  Spending over the previous 11 months was lower than a year earlier, according to data collected by Visa from its card users – though a minor increase in August could signify the beginning of an ongoing trend. Will the high-street binge continue, or has it already peaked? Both alternative asset managers and institutional investors have a lot riding on the answer.

Canny investors have not been slow to pick up on the development. F&C’s latest Liability Driven Investment survey showed that inflation-linked liabilities reached £18.5bn in Q2 of this year, almost three times the figure for the same period in 2011. Retail price index swaps are popular on a range of assets. Increasingly, government bonds are being marketed linked to inflation as well.

Other investment strategies are proving difficult for hedge funds in the current UK market. M&A arbitrage is restricted to a dwindling pool of companies. Activity relating to mergers and acquisitions fell by almost a third in the last quarter, according to recent data from accountancy firm Ernst & Young. This is twice the rate of decline worldwide. UK companies’ profits are declining at a slower but still noteworthy rate. Office of National Statistics (ONS) showed that British private non-financial corporations had a net rate of return of 12.7% from April to June, compared to 12.9% between January and March.

surfing a bottleneck?

surfing a bottleneck?

Why is spending rising but profits falling? Well, Visa’s report showed the bulk of the increase was in “face-to-face” sales at high street stores. So while the tide has not turned for British manufacturing output, or export sales, it seems the hopes of its economic recovery are riding on another consumer spending bubble, with swelling liquidity the product and cause of further uncertainty, about rafting one’s capital to long-term investments. Will another round of QE make inflation hedging an even more profitable prospect? It seems fund managers, by linking newly issued gilts to the RPI, have found a way of maintaining their value where the government proved unable to.

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