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Could New Lynx Aftershave Help Bring About World Peace?

21 Sep


Lynx sheds its chauvinistic image and celebration of all things machismo, to focus on creating peace in areas where violence and social exclusion is endemic.

The brand encouraged followers to put forward activities where they had embraced the ethos of ‘Peace Not War’ in their own lives, and post them on Instagram.

To launch the competition it sent war photographer Matthew Lloyd across the country to photograph local heroes teaching fractured communities to channel their frustrations into recreational pastimes, ranging from boxing to gardening.

In Tottenham, with a reputation for the enthusiasm of its inhabitants to break into impromptu fist-fights, usually outside nightclubs, many young people have found an oasis of calm in Harmony Gardens at Broadwater Farm. Head gardener Robbie Samuda was photographed with some of his charges. The Farm aims to give young people on probation and the long-term unemployed horticultural experience, and to bring peace to the local community.

On an estate in Ballymun, Dublin, another area no stranger to sectarianism, Dean Scurry is another local hero captured for posterity. He founded an independent hip hop label, Workin’ Class Records, providing young people with both a creative outlet and a means to financial self-improvement. Sometimes the only encouragement necessary is opportunity.

Matthew Lloyd enthused about the potential for outlets like photography to help young people funnel their passions into something positive: “With apps like Instagram, everyone can explore a budding passion for photography and spread visual positivity to family and friends.”

The most overtly unifying measure is that of the Cross-Border Orchestra of Ireland, where young people, whether from Catholic or Protestant, Loyalist or Unionist backgrounds, come together to create musical harmony. They spread their socially cohesive ethos through concert tours in countries across the world.

Lloyd professed himself “delighted to be part of such a powerful campaign, not only are we raising awareness for Peace One Day but we are also championing heroes who are doing good for their community via this collection of images.”

The brand has also produced an exclusive track in collaboration with Naughty Boy, Professor Green, Wilkinson and Naughty Boy’s latest protégée, 21 year old Bristol singer-songwriter Ava Lily: the ‘Lynx Peace Edition’ of his recent track, ‘Pardon Me’.

This initiative is linked to its new Fragrance, ‘Lynx Peace’, which is vaunted under the tagline, “Imagine a world with no war – where love and attraction rule supreme. Where guys and girls down their arms, only to fall into each other’s…So don’t fight – find Lynx Peace.”

But this is more than just a publicity stunt. Lynx has truly put its money where its corporate mouthpiece is, and has made a major donation to the charity ‘Peace One Day’. The NGO works to promote a global ceasefire in conflict regions, for one day a year so that UN agencies can engage in vital humanitarian work. Lynx’s year-long peace process was timed to culminate this Sunday 21st September in 2014 ‘World Peace Day’.

World Peace Day events are taking place in regions across the globe, with the highlight being a performance by artist Akon in the DRC’s Goma International Airport. Lexxus Legal played the UK event at 12pm BST, and other performances were scheduled for New York, LA, Delhi and Sydney. The intention is to raise awareness of areas of conflict and bring unity to fragmented populations. This can be either a ceasefire on a national level, or something on a very intimate personal scale. The question its advocates – including actors Jude Law and Jeremy Gilley – are asking is “#Who will you make peace with?”

The focus for this year’s peace campaign, say the Peace One Day organisers, is the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the Great Lakes region of Africa, specifically Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania), with funding from the Howard G. Buffett Foundation. “The campaign seeks to engage with all sectors of society in the region, encouraging all parties and coalitions to stand together in the name of peace, so that a significant level of non-violence and ceasefire (in conflict-affected areas) can be achieved on Peace Day by 2016 at the latest.”

Marketing Manager of Lynx, David Titman, commented: “We are thrilled to be raising awareness for Peace One Day as part of the Lynx Peace campaign. We recognised that photography is a key passion point for our guys and we want to encourage them to explore it further by capturing their version of peace.”

The trendy aftershave brand, popularised among the young male demographic for its adverts featuring unlikely-looking heroes chased by hordes of ravishing women, has buffed up its image at the same time as celebrating regeneration in the lives of its youthful fans.

head gardener at Tottenham Broadwater Estate with his young helpers

head gardener at Tottenham Broadwater Estate with his young helpers

The founder of Ballymun Estate's Workin' Class Records, with his creative young potentials

The founder of Ballymun Estate’s Workin’ Class Records, with his creative young potentials