Networking Dos and Don’ts

9 Oct
  1. If you’re the only girl in a group of 5 boys, it’s dark and everyone else is drinking, don’t let the conversation turn to sex if you want to retain your professional veneer. That includes attempts to start conversations about ’embarrassing sex stories’, ‘what robot sex would be like’, and ‘what if they made robot sex really painful, to stop them reproducing and taking over the world’?

2. If you’re going to hand out your business card, make sure you take some contact details back. Don’t leave the ball in their court. They might be too lazy to pick up the racket.

3. Try not to mix business with dancing.

4. Always introduce the PhD particle physics student and his real estate mate to the hilariously honest tech guys who talk like they’re on drugs. How else does a networker get the party started?…


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