Argos’ New Online CRM Tool Prevents Unnecessary Sales Approaches

26 Mar

Ever received an unsolicited offer of help while shopping online? A speech bubble pops up with a determined sales assistant who is set on selling you not only the product you were casually browsing, but all its trappings, garnishes and attachments.

While not quite on a par with being smarmed up by a sales assistant whose offer of ‘help’ is a covert accusation that she suspects you of shoplifting, it is still irritating and can act as a deterrent to purchasing the product in question. These unwanted approaches can also drag at ecommerce sales figures.

Pioneering new ecommerce techniques

Argos appears to have solved the problem with its [24]7 Predictive Sales solution, which analyses online behavioural metrics to determine which customers are actually in need of advice in making a purchase decision, or who are in danger of ‘deviating from the “golden” conversion journey’, explains Nick Mitchell, Managing Director, EMEA, [24]7. The success of the this Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool could mean Argos’ technical methodology could be widely adopted.

Neil Tinegate, Head of Digital Innovation, Argos said: “Our primary concern here is to offer human assistance to customers who need it, at the right time in the shopping cycle for them. We have seen this work in digital stores where colleagues are on hand to help customers get what they want, and this is a natural extension of that. Customers tell us they appreciate the help, so we plan to continue to offer the experience.”

The platform is able to accurately identify customers who are perhaps comparing products but are struggling to make a decision; or perhaps those looking at finance or after-care products to add to their purchase, who don’t know which one to purchase. “Those customers are offered a contextually relevant offer of assistance based on their intent and then connected to an Argos advisor through sales chat to offer help,” explains an Argos spokesperson.

Nick Mitchell explained further: “We believe in encouraging more contextually relevant conversations with those customers who truly need assistance, accurately predicting when to offer assistance and using real-time cross-channel behaviour to know what to offer. Results from the programme show this is allowing Argos to have smarter interactions with its customers, which in turn is driving measureable increases in incremental revenue.”



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