Seven dividends that will be gone by tomorrow! Going, going…

12 Mar

March 13 is the ex date for the following selection of dividend-awarding companies. I elucidate the financial highlights for each one.

1. Standard Chartered. The new preliminary dividend is 34.92p. Overall, its annual dividend is up by 10.5%. SC proclaims this is the tenth consecutive year of income and profit growth, with income growing 8% to $19.9bn. Primarily this was earned through wholesale banking, up 9% in 2012. It cites an increasingly efficient network between existing areas of operations: in 2012 over 50% of client income from wholesale banking was generated outside of the home market country of its clients. Hold onto.

2. Hargreaves Lansdown, financial service provider, will pay an interim ordinary dividend of 6.3p per share. At last count, its shares were trading at a buy price of 895p. Its 2012 report states, “After careful review of the company’s future cash requirements the Board has decided to increase the second (final) dividend and pay an ordinary dividend of 10.55p per share (2011: 8.41p) and an increased special dividend of 6.54p per share (2011: 5.96p) – an annual total of 18.87p. Some fine tuning in accounts has generated modest return for shareholders.

3. Dechra Pharmaceuticals’ interim dividend paid in April is 4.34p; that of November 2012 was 8.50p. It claims its dividend per share increased 10.3% in 2012, and underlying earnings per share were 2.7%. However, actual EPS fell because of two major product acquisitions: worldwide rights (excluding Canada) to equine lameness treatment HY-50; and Eurovet Animal Health BC, which develops, registers and markets ‘added value’ animal products. Future growth potential?

4. Genus, which applies biotechnology to animal breeding, raised its interim dividend 11% to 5.0p. Although it saw a 5% fall in statutory pre-tax profits to £24.8m,
adjusted pre-tax profits were up 2% in constant currencies at £23.1m – down 1% on an actual currency basis. Its expansion plans include a porcine joint venture in China. Is bio-engineered food the future?

5. Synectics Security Systems has increased its final dividend from 4.5 to 5.0 pence, bringing the total dividend for the year to 7.5p. Its 2012 annual report did not seem publicly available, but its delayed share price is currently spread between a bid 410.00p and ask of 420.00p.

6. Tracsis, railway service provider, has approved an interim dividend of 0.3p per share (up from 0.2p, 2012). The small but expanding company saw its revenue increase by 29% to £4.9m, and profit before tax increase 50% to £1.7m. Growth was thanks to its first contract with a major UK operator for new rail freight product FreightTRACS, and the sale of its Compass reporting system to the New Zealand market. It cites continued demand for its passenger counting and analytics service TRACS optimisation software.  Take a ride onboard the gravy train.

7. Interquest Group, IT and Technology Recruitment firm, is distributing a second interim dividend of 2p per share. Its shares at last viewing were trading at 65GBX (though they fell today by 1-1.52%).


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