A Dot.com Miracle, and the technology that could replace barefoot doctors

27 Feb


Modern-day fairytale for Cumulus Global, as cloud profits go sky-high

Cumulus Global, a New England-based IT company providing tailored cloud solutions, announced revenue growth of a staggering 300% for 2012. Sales for the year were over $3.3million, compared to $972,000 in 2011.

Its expansion came from three directions: first, from small to medium businesses (SMBs), which CEO  and co-founder Allen Falcon describes as its ‘core’ market, up by 30% on last year. Second, from local, municipal and county governments and agencies, for which Cumulus provides assistance with data management, security and internet regulation compliance.

Falcon predicts that Google apps for government and related services to “more than triple over the next 12 to 18 months”. The principle areas of activity are migration, education and support services, especially for schools and libraries which Falcon says will provide “increasing opportunity.”

He says, “We work with our customers to identify if and how cloud solutions can improve efficiency, expand services, drive revenue, and lower costs. We bundle products and services that overcome challenges and enable growth.”

Cumulus conducts regular webcasts and open Q&A sessions for curious companies, NGOs, schools and government agencies, providing direction on cost-effective ways into the cloud.

Mobilitas Technologies will connect healthcare to most isolated locations

Brand-spanking new mobile and cloud-based healthcare solution, HeMoClo, will link all medical service providers, from doctors to nurses to pharmacists to pathologists, via a secure information-pooling system.

Based in Bangalore, India, Mobilitas Technologies is the brainchild of crack former employees from Nokia, Intel, Broadcom and Capgemini. The scheme is being unveiled at the 2013 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. They believe it has a particularly bright future in developing countries, where poor transport and a low doctor-to-patient ratio can hold back an integrated approach to patient care and data-access.

HeMoClo will remove distance as an obstacle, enabling doctors to remotely access patient records, as well as connect with basic monitoring devices to provide real-time data for analysis. It also provides an internal social network for healthcare workers.

Its future roadmap plans an enhanced strategy involving: speciality modules, enterprise connections for pharmacies and pathology labs, integrated telemedicine, medical devices integration, secure social network and real time data analytics for health agencies and resources suppliers, as well as doctors and researchers.


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