Bright future for SunPower, with Global Collaborations across the Renewables Industry

3 Jan

1. Electronics giant AMETEK, which makes $3.4 billion of sales a year, has made two international acquisitions to enhance its global product range: Sunpower, Inc and Crystal Engineering. The former brings new devices to AMETEK’s existing electronics catalogue; assimilation with the latter’s  products, which are similar to AMETEK’s should reduce unnecessary competition.

Sunpower is a privately held manufacturer based in Athens. It designs and builds cryogenic cooling technology and externally heated Stirling cycle generators. Its cryogenic coolers facilitate temperatures below -150°C, without resort to more expensive liquid nitrogen; this technology will form a part of AMETEK’S portable radiation identifiers. Its heat engines are used in energy-efficient combined heat and power generators.

Crystal Engineering, headquartered in San Luis Obispo, CA, builds pressure management devices: both portable digital pressure calibrators and digital test gauges. AMETEK CEO Frank Hermance said: “We share common products and markets with Crystal Engineering.” He foresaw a mutually beneficial cooperation: “Crystal’s products broaden our line of high-end temperature and pressure calibration instruments, while its product line benefits from the global reach and resources of our Electronic Instruments Group.”

2. Sunpower is making headlines for another reason, having just sold the world’s largest Solar Development to Mid-American Solar.

MidAmerican Solar, a subsidiary of MidAmerican Renewables, has acquired the 579-megawatt Antelope Valley Solar Projects (AVSP), two projects in Kern and Los Angeles Counties in the state of California. Together, the two combined projects will form the largest solar photovoltaic power development in the world, and create an estimated 650 jobs during construction.

“The Antelope Valley Solar Projects mark a historic milestone for the energy industry,” declared SunPower president of regions Howard Wenger. “We are delivering highly reliable low-cost renewable energy at a very large scale… and helping the state achieve its renewable portfolio requirement.”

The solar technology increases energy capture by up to 25 percent, utilising trackers which position the panels to track the sun during the day. SunPower will be the engineering, procurement and construction contractor and will operate and maintain the facility via a multiyear services agreement

President of MidAmerican Renewables Bill Fehrman said: “MidAmerican Renewables, a subsidiary of MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company, has a total portfolio of more than 1,830 megawatts of owned assets, including wind, geothermal, solar and hydro assets. We are excited about these projects because they support our core business principle of environmental respect.”

SunPower has more than 1,000 megawatts of solar power plants operating worldwide, including the first 130 megawatts of the 250-megawatt California Valley Solar Ranch, which is still under construction in San Luis Obispo County, California.


3. Resource scarcity will be a key topic at the 12th Annual Responsible Business Summit, held in London 7-8 May. Discussions about supply chain management will also feature at the conference, organised by Ethical Corporation. Head of Sustainable Business at M&S, Mike Barry, said in Ethical Corporation’s end of year survey: “Extreme weather is going from a theory to a new reality. Middle class consumers will triple in the next 20 years with all the strain this puts on resources.” With the dual impact of both these factors, he asserted it was time the sustainability debate lost its “cosy” reputation and was taken seriously.


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