The Day I Met George Osbourne; His Views on Thatcher and the Miliband Brothers

27 Mar


When asked by a young Conservative admirerer if he felt that attacking the Labour leaders too vehemently would lead to them being replaced, he said: “For the moment, Wallace and Gromit are here to stay.”

At a Conservative Future (CF) drinks reception with George Osbourne, at St Stephens Club just around the corner from Westminster, the chancellor delivered an inspiring speech to his “foot-soldiers.” He encouraged them to go out campaigning, and to contribute ideas to the innovative centre-right economic policy thinktanks. He exhorted them to throw all their energy into campaigning for Boris Johnson’s re-election. “If you’re doing anything else, then stop doing it.”

Another CF member asked when the Coalition was going to lower the 45p tax rate. Osbourne replied that they were voting on legislation to push through the 45p rate that evening. “Let’s concentrate on getting this Budget though before we start thinking about the next one,” he said.

Osbourne also commented on the nearby portrait of Margaret Thatcher, of whom he is naturally a big fan.


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