Overheard at the Conservative Future Party this Saturday

4 Dec

Me, ‘So, what is your involvement with Conservative Future?’

Him, ‘Well I was a councillor for four years and now I’m employed in helping companies pay less tax.’

Me, ‘Really? That’s a very worthy occupation.’

Him, ‘Yes, it’s entirely in keeping with my political views. In fact, that pretty much is my political view.’ His business card revealed he was indeed the manager of an ‘Indirect Taxes’ group, though I think he may have been slightly taking the michael and exploiting what was evidently my preconceived opinion of a Tory councillor.

To a man with no less than three red poppy – British Legion? – badges on his lapel, gazing into space with disembodied expression:

Me, ‘What lovely badges. You must be very patrtiotic.’

Him, ‘Yes, I’m intensely patriotic. And very right-wing, you know. I couldn’t care less about politics.’

Me, ‘Ah, the best kind of Conservative…’

Him, ‘Yes, yes, I’m the last person to talk to if you want to discuss politics, really.’ then went on to describe how ideally, politicians once elected would just mind their own business. He seemed to think intervention, or political action, was the main thing wrong with the House of Parliament today…. As I walked away I thought I saw him laughing to himself at his own private joke. Silly girl. Clearly he was secretly the head of MI5.

Having said that, someone high up in internal security did make an appearance and briefly talked about security preparations in the leadup to the Olympics, before moving on to more well-informed party guests without stolen glowsticks in their pockets. I had a lively debate with someone involved in constitutional law who had objections to the European Rights Act and their possibly infringements on parliamentary sovereignty. How far had we successfully created a unified European identity in opposition to individual nation’s culture and traditions? Then the free wine ran out, so I left not long after.



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