Psychologist finds link between people’s sex faces and expressions during torture

7 Sep

Some interesting trivia from a landmark psychological survey of 1953, Alfred Kinsey’s ‘Sexual Behaviour in the Human Female’. Kinsey did a survey between 1938 and 1956 of around 17 000 people, personally interviewing 5000 of them. ‘Sexuality in the Human Female’ was based largely on case histories of 5,940 white American women, supplemented by stories of 1,849 women from other categories. The wider pool included women prisoners.

The results include the following interesting facts:

1. ‘More significant than genital stimulation in reaching orgasim, for both men and women, is rhythmic thrusting. The muscular tension involved in the sex act is a vital part of the overall physiological response.’

2. ’36 percent of women reported having had no orgasm at all before getting married, and a substantial number never acheived it even during marriage.’

3. ‘The common view was that women are slower than men in terms of sexual response and time needed to elapse before orgasm, but the evidence was that in masturbation, women reported an average time to achieve orgasm of 3-4 minutes – not much longer than a man actually takes.’

4. ‘Despite a history of assertions going back thousands of years that masturbation damages your health, Kinsey found no evidence. The only damage that is done is psychological; that is, anxiety caused by guilt.’    Well, that’s a relief…

5. ‘Of the 64 percent of married females who had experienced orgasm prior to marriage, only 17 percent of their orgasms had been experienced through actual penetrative sex. The rest occurred through petting, masturbation, dreams, or homosexual contact.’

6. ‘Women are less aroused by breast stimulation than men are by giving the stimulation. Only 50 percent of women said they ever stimulated their breasts as a form of sexual pleasure.’ (still a fairly substantial number).

And here’s the absolute cherry on the  cake:

7. ‘Men and women in a state of deep sexual engagement have exactly the same facial expression as people who are being tortured.’ … Wonder how he worked that one out…?

Many thanks to Tom Butler-Bowdon, in ’50 Psychology Classics’ (Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2007) for summarising Kinsey’s findings so succinctly. I might be inspired to do my own sex survey. Keep watching this page…



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